The Stochastic Integration Modeling Toolbox has been written by J. Ditterich and provides MATLAB functions for evaluating drift-diffusion and related sequential sampling models.


The links below provide download options for the current version 2.7, released on 2010-08-13. The contents of the two different archive formats are identical.

Stochastic Integration Modeling Toolbox 2.7 (ZIP archive)

Stochastic Integration Modeling Toolbox 2.7 (TGZ archive)


The toolbox has been used in the following publications:

Ditterich J (2006) Evidence for time-variant decision making. Eur J Neurosci 24:3628-3641

Ditterich J (2006) Stochastic models of decisions about motion direction: Behavior and physiology. Neural Netw 19:981-1012

Niwa M, Ditterich J (2008) Perceptual Decisions between Multiple Directions of Visual Motion. J Neurosci 28:4435-4445

Ditterich J (2010) A comparison between mechanisms of multi-alternative perceptual decision making: ability to explain human behavior, predictions for neurophysiology, and relationship with decision theory. Front Neurosci 4:184

Perugini A, Ditterich J, Basso MA (2016) Patients with Parkinson's Disease Show Impaired Use of Priors in Conditions of Sensory Uncertainty. Curr Biol 26:1902-1910


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